My Story

Disciplr is a digital platform designed for leaders in ministry. It provides access to hundreds of popular curriculum titles, as well as a suite of people and time management tools. 

In 2015, I was hired to design the second version of Disciplr. I worked closely with various stakeholders to define problem areas with the first version, as well as design a series of brand new features. I spent several months whiteboarding new concepts and pitching ideas before the feature set was decided.

I wireframed, prototyped, and created a new UI system for the entirety of the platform. During our team’s sprints, I worked alongside a group of developers to implement the designs. 

This project was my first attempt at completely redesigning a digital product. The decision to rebuild the product from the ground up allowed for better design thinking throughout the app and a more cohesive user interface overall.



What I Did

Product Design

Concepts and Wireframes

I spent several months working with our product owner, developers, and other various stakeholders to define the new functionality and page flows. We held user testing sessions to validate our ideas and collect feedback about implementation.

An exciting new interface

One of my main goals for this project was to mature the user interface. The first version of Disciplr was very bright and colorful and featured a cast of biblical characters used primarily to add personality and humor to the app. I worked with the Creative Director to create a new visual style that was clean and simple, and helped position Disciplr as a serious Software as a service (SaaS) tool. In my design, I kept the interface fairly minimal, which allowed the content to be the focus on each page.


Before and after

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Keeping things consistent

Redesigning a platform is both exciting and complex. I tried to limit the color palette to bring greater attention to primary actions on each screen, as well create a solid  page hierarchy.

My team and I explored a light refresh of the Disciplr brand—primarily in how we presented the logo, as well as creating a more cohesive color palette. 

The new Disciplr is coming!

Learn more about Disciplr and how it can serve your ministry. The new Disciplr is launching this summer!

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