My Story

It has been a long-time dream of mine to help a brand-new business establish their visual identity from scratch. I was given the opportunity to do just that with 213 Cider Co.

Owner and founder, Sean Lamb, has been pressing apples and other fruits into ciders for the past several years. I met with Sean early on to get a feel for his vision of the company and to help establish a shared aesthetic language. 

I worked on a number of concepts before arriving at the final design; this approach helped to garner quick feedback and to include the client in the process, allowing for more organic directions to take shape.

The 213 Cider Co. is just getting started, and it was extremely rewarding to work with a new business to help set the foundation for a visual identity that will only grow over time.


213 Cider Co.

What I Did

Branding, Illustration


After some discussion, it was decided that the color palette would be fairly neutral, but that a red highlight would help make the design pop, as well as hint at the idea of red apples.

Big Stone







Over the course of the project, I explored many different directions and created a few dozen
iterations of the logo, which inspired and informed the final brand.

Just getting started

Made with love in

Colorado Springs

213 Cider Co. is a great local company that is already making big waves. Owner and founder, Sean Lamb, has an astounding level of passion and attention to detail in his new company. Sean hopes to start distributing in the near future and has dreams of owning his own tasting room one day.

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